Jim to talk Titanic on National Geographic panel

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Universal archive, Getty Images Thursday May 31, 2018 at 7:30 p.m: Jim will appear in a public presentation, alongside Dr. Robert Ballard who found the unsinkable ship in 1985, and former Secretary of the [...]

April 5: Jim to talk at Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute

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Jim brings his six-decades-long experience to another public presentation about the world of shipwrecks. For more event details, and to register, please visit the BUEI website.

Dr. James Delgado Joins SEARCH as Senior Vice President

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The quest to learn about the past continues in a new role After a seven-year long tenure at NOAA's National Marine Sanctuaries as Director of Maritime Heritage, in Maryland, Jim has taken up a position [...]

James Delgado and Michel L’Hour: underwater cultural heritage needs more protection

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James Delgado and Michel L’Hour James Delgado and Michel L’Hour: underwater cultural heritage needs more protection From the UNESCO website: https://en.unesco.org The two renowned archaeologists will speak at the UNESCO conference in Paris, Sept. [...]

Dogholes and Shipwrecks Lecture, San Francisco, Aug 11

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Dogholes and Shipwrecks, History and Archaeology of the Redwood Coast Free Lecture/Slide Show -- 6:00 p.m. Thursday, August 11 San Francisco Maritime N.H.P. Research Center Fort Mason Center (Lower Fort Mason,) Building E, 3rd Floor [...]