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Klondike-era shipwreck gets Titanic treatment of 3-D imagery

Klondike-era shipwreck gets Titanic treatment of 3-D imagery

Excerpt: The imaging system, similar to one used recently to document the wreck of the Titanic off Newfoundland’s coast, was employed during an expedition this summer to the sunken-but-perfectly-preserved Goddard — a dive that also produced a stunning artifact: the vintage phonograph used to entertain fortune-seekers on their long, northward steamboat voyage to the Klondike gold fields.

“They’re not only stunning and amazing images, they’re also an accurate measuring tool,” Canadian marine archaeologist James Delgado, one of the experts involved in the Goddard project, told Postmedia News.

3-D Scanner takes on the Goddard shipwreck

Excerpt: For the Goddard survey, researchers with the Institute of Nautical Archaeology moved the scanner around the hull and then lowered it through a hatch to map the interior. In an afternoon, the team created a hi-res digital Goddard, “right down to the mud on the sides,” INA president Jim Delgado says. For underwater archaeologists, he adds, “it’s an exponential leap—from the Wright brothers to the SST.”

Sunken Canadian Stern-wheeler is an underwater time capsule

Excerpts: Underwater archaeologists said Monday that they have found a virtual time capsule of life during Canada’s Klondike Gold Rush: a sunken Yukon River stern-wheeler so well-preserved that researchers can document the last minutes of the five-man crew as well as their life aboard the primitive cargo-hauler.

…“Goddard is a very important reminder that ordinary people get caught up in events that are bigger than themselves. It’s a rare window into the past where we can truly connect with these five guys, the reality of the gold rush and trying to make a go of it in difficult times,” Delgado said.