The SS Dorothy Wintermote's engine skylight. Ocean Exploration Trust - NOAA

The SS Dorothy Wintermotes engine skylight. Ocean Exploration Trust – NOAA

Media releases news about the Dorothy Wintermote shipwreck Jim, Dr. Robert Ballard and others have been surveying aboard Nautilus off the California coast

From the website of The Press Democrat
by Guy Kovner
August 21, 2016

Orange rockfish swim over the shattered wreck of the Dorothy Wintermote off the Mendocino County coast, captured on video Saturday night and seen live by scientists aboard a research vessel and an online audience around the world.

A remotely operated vehicle spent about four hours cautiously circling the “twisted garden of steel,” as shipwreck hunter James Delgado described the remains of the 261-foot cargo freighter that sank after striking a rock south of Point Arena in September 1938.

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