Tiny 10 cm vase or vial from the Blake Ridge shipwreck debris field

A 150-year-old “working-class” shipwreck has caught the attention of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), whose researchers recently spent two days documenting the wreckage and unraveling the tragic story behind the remains.

The Blake Ridge Wreck first raised eyebrows when it was first discovered in 2015, due to its size and location: It was a small vessel—no more than 70 feet long, requiring a crew of of just 3 to 5 people—found a startling 150 miles off the North Carolina coast in some 7,000 feet of water.

What was such a small ship doing so far from shore? Archaeologist Jim Delgado, former director of maritime heritage for NOAA, examined the wreck on a live feed broadcast from a deep-diving robot.

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