IJN Kaga

Wreck Imperial Japanese Navy Carrier Kaga on Oct. 17. Vulcan Image

Researchers have discovered the wreck of the Imperial Japanese Navy carrier that was key to the attack on Pearl Harbor and that sank at the Battle of Midway, U.S. officials confirmed to USNI News on Friday.

IJN Kaga was found in the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument off the Midway Atoll by the crew of R/V Petrel, the lead ship in the ongoing expedition funded by late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen to find ships and aircraft that were lost in World War II.

…“Midway is one of the largest sea battles in history because everything fell – that includes ships and aircraft, not only the carriers but all of those that were shot down – they’re all down there,” Delgado said. “The survey is ultimately going to show us every fallen warrior from the ships and the planes and provide us with a more complete map by this largely untouched and undersea battlefield.”

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