Dave Conlin and Jim Delgado, who together led the last mission to explore the Titanic, led the team of archaeologists that determined the wreck found in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta was not the Clotilda. (Ben Raines)

The hunt for the wreck of the Clotilda, the last American slave ship, goes on.

A previously unexplored 19th century shipwreck discovered in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, which archaeologists said might be the Clotilda, has been ruled out as the ill-fated ship after further examination this week. In the end, this wreck was simply too big, with a significant portion hidden beneath mud and deep water.

…The overall effort was spearheaded by SEARCH’s Jim Delgado, one of the most acclaimed marine archaeologists of the modern era. Delgado, a Nat Geo explorer, was the longtime host of The Sea Hunters, a National Geographic TV series. He famously and single-handedly discovered the wreck of the lost 19th Century “Sub Marine Explorer” (the vessel that gave submarines their name) while on a cruise ship vacation stop in Panama, and participated in the exploration of the Titanic and the raising of the Civil War era submarine H. L. Hunley.

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